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The adjustable and removable brace can lock in your panel or canvas from the top.

The adjustable brace can lift your panel or canvas as well. You can also add a second brace bar for an additional $35.

The base ledge is flat with no annoying grooves.

A really great feature is you can set your easel to what is most comfortable to you.

Tabletop Page 1.jpg
Tabletop Page 2.jpg

The easel can fold nearly flat for storage and can be placed in luggage if you want to travel with it.

A view of the easel from the back

Easy adjustments with thumbscrews will lock the brace, to hold your painting in place.

Eleven grooves allow you to adjust the position to what is most comfortable for you.

When you're ready to photograph your finished work, the easel can be set to straight up for a straight shot.

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